About Cub Pantry

As parents to our adorable little cubs, we've been on a wild snack search, navigating the jungle of grocery stores with growling tummies and a mission for healthier options...

We know the frustration of wanting to feed your cubs nutritious nibbles, only to face the challenge of their seemingly primal attraction to sugary, processed snacks. Then there is the fact that kids can be incredibly "selective" (a term we prefer to "picky" as kids can't help giving us the big old "EW" when it comes to certain foods) in their snack choices. They also don't make our healthy food quest any easier by changing their minds about what treats they find delectable or disgusting. Throw in allergies or special preferences, and suddenly, you're even more lost than you were at the outset.

When our little explorers arrived on the scene, we found ourselves in a snack wilderness at the grocery store. We didn't know where to start looking for nourishing, wholesome snacks for our new family members. So, like many exhausted parents at the end of their tether, we would grab the not-so-great snacks we knew would appease our hangry little lions. Talk about picking your battles. This is a battle we lost often.

It's hard to keep up with the daily demands of our cubs and not become disheartened. We get it because we've been there! We know that the kiddies' snack market doesn't have the best track record for providing wholesome, nutritious snack choices.

We perused the kids' aisle, facing a maze of options from processed cereals to sugary juice boxes, but the toddler food world, vast as it may be, left us wanting. We also realized quickly that greenwashing is rife in the kids' snack department. While the kiddies' treat market boasts snacks claiming to be good for your cubs, as parents, we've learned that not all of these snacks are true trailblazers.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and went on a mission to uncover the best snacks. The quest for superhero-level health for our little ones wasn't a lightbulb moment. It was a full-scale exploration into the realm of snack science. Hours were dedicated to research, tracing the origins of wholesome snacks, and finding where to source them.

In a world where advice and products are fixated on the extremes of health obsession, we consciously avoided falling into the trap of fanaticism. Cub Pantry emerged from this journey as the result of our hard work. Now, the quest for healthy snacks is as effortless as opening a box. We've done the heavy lifting so that you don't have to.

We have a soft spot for small brands with big standards. When you subscribe to our snack boxes, you are supporting brands that all have the same goal: to provide children with wholesome snacks that have been tried, tested, and not been found wanting.

Our message to the world is that in the grand scheme of things, it's not just about conquering the snack struggle for your little ones — it's about cultivating a lifelong good relationship between kids and healthy foods. Our hope and aim is to nurture this relationship so that when our littles grow up, they will have all the tools they need to WANT to make healthy choices.

It's never too early to start fostering good snacking habits in kids.